Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Paper, Slingshot, Snapchat

You get to know these three Apps. Slingshot, Snapchat are bringing the user experience of IM into next generation, which is must lighter and faster. Paper is redesigning the way we think of Facebook.

Paper (Facebook)

Its UI is never seem at other place, and the user is having different sections to follow. Folding and unfolding interface is very fun and user-friendly.

Slingshot (Facebook)

It's released on 7/31, 2014, which is pretty new at this point. Facebook is trying to create a new photo-based IM experience. This may be inspired by Snapchat.

Snapchat (Rejected Facebook's $3 Billion Offer)

Snapchat is pretty famous for rejecting Facebook's $3 Billion offer, and it's popular for teenagers. It's fun, you are having a pretty light chatting experience, and don't have to worry too much on telling secrets. Ha.

If You Can't Find Them on App Store...

Some of them may just available on U.S. market; however, it is pretty easy to switch your account to different region (switch your account to U.S if you're not in U.S):

  1. Click on "Apple ID" at the bottom of "Featured" tab in App Store
  2. Click on "View Apple ID", it may request for your password
  3. Click on "Country/Region", pick "United State", and you will set them up correctly by pressing many times of "Next" button