Saturday, September 21, 2013

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Facts (sentences from the paper)

  • In its early days, Facebook ran on a single server that cost $85 a month and had to handle traffic for every Harvard student who used the service.
  • was first coded in PHP, which was perfect for the quick iterations that have since defined our style of product rollouts and release engineering.
  • Facebook has grown to 5,299 employees and 1.15 billion users as of June 2013.
  • Every day, there are more than 4.75 billion content items shared on Facebook, more than 4.5 billion "Likes," and more than 10 billion messages sent. More than 250 billion photos have been uploaded to Facebook, and more than 350 million photos are uploaded every day on average.
  • To build more efficient apps, Facebook is working to solve:
    • Diversity of devices and operating system
    • Geographic diversity
      • 1.15 billion people
      • 70 different languages
    • Network connectivity
      • Testing to ensure consistent network connectivity (Air Traffic Control to simulate different network conditions right inside Facebook' offices)
    • Consuming less data


What I learned was first complemented using PHP, what we all think it's easy and fast for developing. Then, they started to work very deep into PHP when more people using Facebook. This is new to me, what I thought is that this kind of websites doesn't go really deep into the technology but learning human psychology/business/etc insteads.

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