Monday, April 14, 2014

[OSDI] Virtualization v.s. Emulation

Often, I question myself the difference between "Virtualization" and "Emulation". Hopefully, I found a good explanation on the Internet as below:

Difference by Definition

Virtual machines make use of CPU self-virtualization, to whatever extent it exists, to provide a virtualized interface to the real hardware. Emulators emulate hardware without relying on the CPU being able to run code directly and redirect some operations to a hypervisor controlling the virtual container. -- stackoverflow (geekosaur)
It turns out the main difference is whether (part of) the code is directly run on the host machine (virtualization) or on a software-emulating hardware (emulation).

Again, from this website, we learn:

  • Virtualization: involves simulating parts of a computer's hardware
  • Emulation: in emulation the virtual machine simulates the complete hardware in software





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