Thursday, October 16, 2014

Install UNIX Version 1 (1972) on Linux

I am now reading the classic book, "The Unix Programming Environment", which was written in 1990s. It was suggested by my seniors, and the author is from Bell Labs, so it should be a nice book to learn the original design of UNIX.

However, while I was testing the commands in the book, I found that my environment is pretty different from the author's. So, I am building up his environment, UNIX version (1972, I guess), for fun.

Step 1. Setup Simulator

We simulate the old environment by using simhv simulator.

Step 2. Download UNIX

Download the UNIX code from qrush's github.

Step 3. Setup Image Files

qrush's image file was not working currently on my machine, so I found another image files to replace it.


I wrote a Makefile to done all the tasks, and here's it:

* note: I found that the bash requires extremely large resources, which may be implemented by using some busy-waiting stuff.

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