Monday, March 16, 2015

Eclipse + Vim = eclim


As a vim lover, I am having a bad time writing Java code on Eclipse, where I am not familiar with the shortcuts to switch between files or jump the cursor to places I want. So, I am now trying to write my Java assignments on Vim using eclim plugin, which should fully support the features I used on eclipse.


Original tutorial: here
  • Install required softwares
  • Setup Vim (.vimrc)
    • set nocompatible
    • filetype plugin indent on
  • Install eclim.jar
    • file is here
    • install: java -jar eclim_2.4.1.jar


There are two ways to start eclim daemon (required):
  1. manually run eclimd under eclim directory
  2. open eclipse and "Window ‣ Show View ‣ Other ‣ Eclim ‣ eclimd" (I think this method is better to start with since you can still view/share the workspace with opening eclipse)

Then, I think one can refer to Eclim Cheatsheet for remaining usages.

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